What is Bills?

Bills is a MoneyBrilliant feature to help you never miss a bill payment again. Setting up bills is easy because we make suggestions for you

How do I set up bills?

There are 3 ways to set up your bills: 1. Select from a list of suggested bills 2. Create a bill manually 3. Create from

How do I edit a Bill?

You can edit your bills by navigating to the biller you wish to edit. Mobile – Access My Bills by touching Bills on your Manage my Spending dashboard. From My Bills touch Billers from the

How do I match a transaction to a bill?

Occasionally Bills does not automatically recognise a transaction as your bill. When you recognise a transaction that was not matched to a bill, you can do this manually.

How do I set alerts for my bills?

Mobile From App Settings select Alerts. From here you will be directed to Communication Settings. In here you are able to set the number of days before your bills are